About the Foreign Trade Association

FTA is the largest business association of international commerce that promotes the values of international trade and sustainable supply chains. FTA represents nearly 2,000 companies and national associations with a combined turnover in excess of a trillion euro. Through the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) our members are committed to actively driving sustainability in their value chains.

 More about our association is available at www.fta-intl.org


About ‘Unleash Opportunity’

FTA’s conference this year is entitled ‘Unleash Opportunity’ and aims to explore how opportunities can be unleashed for businesses and communities around the world. For the next generation, the stakes are high. Trade is and remains one of the most powerful drivers available to us for building prosperity and sustainable development. We need to design a sustainable system that delivers shared value and continuous opportunity; a system that’s about making better things and making things better. A future where we drive innovation, quality and economic growth, but not at the cost of our planet and people. No single business, government or organisation can do this alone. It’s going to take collaboration and commitment and creative thinking to drive sustainability as common practice in value chains.

While celebrating FTA’s 40 year anniversary, a new vision will be set for the association and our members, ‘FTA Vision 2030’. Today we are at a cross roads where the future for companies is uncertain; with a rise in protectionism, depleting natural resources, and ongoing human rights abuses, our Vision is aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to build a future for companies to unite and tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The FTA Vision looks to 2030 with hope and ambition. We pre-empt the challenges faced by companies and provide tools for companies to continue their success and remain competitive in a sustainable world.


About the Members’ Award

FTA invites its most innovative and creative member companies that are striving to address sustainable trade challenges to showcase their work and efforts in the field of international trade and sustainable supply chains.

Following a jury consultation, you could have the opportunity to present your work during a plenary session on 14 June for a chance to win the Members’ Award 2017.

Read more about the process and put forward your application 



Travel and Accommodation Information

FTA invites participants to book their hotels at their earliest convenience.